Values and commitment

At Nexio, we offer our employees, partners and customers a working environment where each person is respected, motivated, valued and engaged in project achievement. In a context of mutual assistance, we also focus on community involvement by various actions throughout the year. Nexio’s values and commitment are thus as follows:

Talent at the service of technology

To ensure the success of our customer’s projects, we only recruit the best experts in IT. We are a passionate lot, ambitious and proud to take on the challenges presented to us.

Conviviality and enthusiasm

We spend almost half of our active life in the office. We are therefore minded to offer a pleasant and convivial working environment to our team.

Well-being and personal development

At Nexio, leisure, networking or team building activities are proposed to employees throughout the year. In fact, we are convinced that the job atmosphere is tied to personal growth and well-being.
That is why package deals are also offered to employees to enable them to attend fitness centers. Furthermore, training is given in-house to support each person’s skills development. Discover all the advantages of working at Nexio.

Employment equity

The Nexio team is made up of professionals with various expertise and origins. Our consultants have acquired their experience in Canada, the United States and Europe. They are all bilingual and many master a third language. We encourage cultural diversity and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Commitment to the community

On an annual basis, Nexio pledges support to many social causes and encourages its employees to also get involved in some projects related to health or to providing assistance to individuals who encounter difficulties. Among those, Nexio specifically helps:
L’Avenue hébergement communautaire
La Guignolée
Blood drives by Héma-Québec