Sitecore and Nexio : New generation websites

Sitecore and Nexio : New generation websites

Profitable innovation!

Always thriving to diversify and improve the range of services it offers its clients, Nexio is now an authorized integrator of Sitecore, which provides best of breed platforms, including Web Content Management (WCM) and Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), for the development of new generation websites.

Sitecore’s robust bilingual modules, proven worldwide by the most demanding users, can be integrated to all existing platforms, offering exceptional performance for:

  • Easy editing
  • Targeted information publishing and distribution as well as updating by customer
  • Collaboration and communication customizable for various external and internal clients, suppliers and partners
  • Constant adaptability in terms of structures, visuals and ergonomics
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Intelligent customer engagement functions
  • Analysis of web results for campaigns and marketing or communication activities
  • Global mobility (all platforms and devices)
  • Cloud computing
  • Seamless interaction with all technological environments
  • Strategically targeted online marketing
  • Sophisticated, personalized management of customer relationship (CRM)
  • Integration with existing CRM

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Nexio's vision: Increasing its profitability through the integration of innovative approaches and technologies

Over the years, Nexio has clearly demonstrated that IT truly realizes its full value when used in an innovative way, maximizing the information’s true potential through the sharing, broadcasting and dynamic interactions that generate measurable business results. The integration of 2.0 approaches and technologies to our global service offer illustrates the new interaction dynamics between innovative and existing platforms.