The story of an IT professional...

The story of an IT professional...

The story of an IT professional who's looking for a job...

First step: you have to go through the many theories about the perfect CV. At the end, the ultimate goal always remains the same: to get an interview for the position you are applying.
Follow our 3 easy-to-apply tips for building the story of your professional achievements ... Who knows, you could access the job of your dreams!

  1. CV as "showcase"

    A CV can be seen as the summary on the back of a good book. By presenting a short but effective description of the story, it reveals the potential of the publication and encourages the reader to want to know more. It's the same with your resume. Make the recruiter wanting to meet you and to talk about your achievements.
    Is the way you are revealing your experiences an asset? Are your skills put into values?
    The most important for an IT recruiter, is to know:

    • What is your goal for your career? Give a title to your CV, based on your expertise or career plan (eg 5 years’ experience in data migration or looking for short-term mandate as a quality analyst, etc..).
    • What were your tasks? Use action verbs (manage, coordinate, implement, etc..) to describe each of your responsibilities.
    • What tools / software / programming languages can you handle? Feel free to create a technical section that summarizes your qualifications or your technical skills.
    • What are the projects you have completed? Briefly describe the strengths you have developed and the results obtained.

  2. Consistency: The key to not loose the reader

    In the same way a novel or an article each show a graphics unit in text formatting, it is important that the elements of the same value (job title, dates or job description) are of the same fonts.
    The chronology of experiences (from newest to oldest, specifying the duration of each term) is also essential.
    Do not add excessive words in bold, italic or underlined that might make the document more difficult to read.
    “Clear and simple” are the key words of an effective resume. Remember that recruiters see dozens of CV every day so they should be able to easily pass through the information while remembering the relevant data.

  3. An assured visibility

    In a library, it is difficult to find the one book that will please us in the middle of a bookshelf of hundreds of existing novels. The best sellers or "books of the month" are often highlighted in a specific display to enhance curiosity and facilitate our selection. It must be the same with your CV.

    Avoid that an outdated version of your work experience is found lost in a pile of other applications. Make sure you give your CV the best visibility by keeping it up to date on the appropriate social networks, such as Linkedin, Monster, Jobboom or Nexio. By indicating your latest achievements in a timely manner, you will stay on the top of search results.

So, are you ready to get into a new challenge?
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