Those little things that make it work ...

Those little things that make it work...

You've been following our tips to write your CV and got an interview? Congratulations! Next step: Follow our six recommendations to come out a winner at the interview.

"He stands out, rushes forward ...... and Goooaal!"

  1. Consider the meeting with the recruiter with confidence.
    Imagine Canadians are beginning a playoff game. The team was able to get to there and believe in victory. Do the same! If you have been invited to an appointment it means your profile meets the requirements of the position. This is a very good start! Now the recruiter wants to know more about you and your skills.
  2. Come up with a neat appearance at your interview.
    Have you ever seen a game where the team wears mismatched sweaters? There is a dress code for every occasion ... The suit and tie is not essential, but this time, let your hoodie or your old pair of jeans at home.

  3. Be on time!
    You do not want to be perceived as the player who arrives late on the ice and misses the puck. If, for any reason beyond your control (subway, accident on the road, etc.) you are going to be late, call the company to let them know.

  4. Talk about your past experiences and your skills with honesty.
    Joining the team of your neighborhood will not make you the master of the puck, when you barely stands on your skates. It’s the same in your job search: by changing the reality, you may find yourself in an awkward situation when you are asked to perform a task that you will be unable to accomplish.

  5. Controlled spontaneity...
    For not putting anyone on the spot, a coach has better to think twice about on his words when he’s asked about the mischiefs of one of its players. Spontaneity can be well seen if it shows a lively and dynamic spirit, but it does not mean you should respond with haste. Listen carefully to the questions and if necessary, ask the recruiter to reformulate them so that you can structure your answer and understand what you are asked.

  6. Be interested in the company.
    It is unlikely that a champion goalie only talks about him at the end of the game, without mentioning the work of his teammates. Think about it! The interview should not only talk about you. Ask questions about the team, the job position you’re applying for, community involvement, etc.

So, are you ready to score points with recruiters? We wish you the best success!

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