Job related benefits, or how to raise employees' motivation

Job related benefits, or how to raise employees' motivation

Our job represents almost half of our active life. So it is better to make this time as pleasant as useful!

Nexio has established some principles, just to give you ideas ... or make you want to apply to our jobs !

  • Encourage knowledge sharing. We frequently organize luncheon (lunch n'learn) to share best practices or advice around a meal with colleagues.
  • Provide special rates with various organizations: we offer particular benefits to our employees with the STM, AMT, Altitude Sports, Nautilus, Energie Cardio, Albi Le Géant, Linen Chest ...
  • Organize fun activities: our social club conducts contests (eg dessert contest), cultural outings, barbecue, ski trip, Christmas parties, etc.
  • Have a relaxing space: a room with a baby-foot  is available to employees to liven up their break.
  • Provide access to a fully equipped kitchen: we provide access to a kitchen where employees can enjoy espresso, fruit juice, vegetable juice, fruit basket, breakfast with bagels...
  • Promote the location of its offices: we highlight our central location (Place des Arts), which is an attraction for city addicts, shopaholics, and festivals or good restaurants lovers.
  • Build the best team: At Nexio you will meet people passionate about IT, ambitious and proud to meet the challenges they face.

Does all this inspire you? Well, at Nexio, we believe that motivation at work is related to a good atmosphere and personal development.
Visit our career website to take a look at our opportunities !

Speaking about motivation, what are the benefits involved in your enthusiasm at work?