Advisory & Technologies

Nexio offers its experience in infrastructure and its portfolio of integrated solutions for IT governance and for your ITSM and ITIL projects.

IT process and services management

Nexio assists you to pursue your continuous improvement objectives and to implement best practices for your ITSM services and IT governance. Moreover, Nexio offers a solution to transpose your IT services into a larger context, for the whole enterprise.

> ITSM services
Benefit from a customized approach in IT process management to maximize quality, users satisfaction and strengthen your competitiveness.

> Nexio's partnership with ServiceNow
With ServiceNow, Nexio gives you access to an ultra-high performance technical support solution. Follow the action in real time and benefit from a truly transparent service.

> Business services management (CreateNow)
With the development platform CreateNow, the IT service model is changed for the whole enterprise.

infrastructure services

By means of mastery of strategic tools (ServiceNow, Cisco, VMware) Nexio presents you with proven solutions for the development of your IT infrastructure followed by its highly performant and profitable operation. Our infrastructure services covers three areas :

> Virtualization and Cloud
Nexio guides your organization to successfully consider migration to virtualization and Cloud options using tools which are adapted to your requirements, to your technological infrastructure and to market evolution.

> Microsoft Technologies

Nexio helps you consolidate, simplify the management of and update your IT environment to ensure you draw maximum value from your investment.

> Telecommunications
Telecom infrastructure and the way users handle its applications is in constant evolution. Nexio puts at your disposal its mastery of all the required technological aspects.