CreateNow module - Nexio's expertise

CreateNow is a development module from the ServiceNow platform.
Thanks to CreateNow, a vast portfolio of applications can be developed, i.e. anything that relates to a request and requires services within the enterprise (notification, approval/authorization, metrics, assigned tasks, completion status, forms, etc.) as well as any process that requires tracking.

The IT model for these services is thus transposed into a larger context, for the whole enterprise.
CreateNow enables you to develop applications for: customer evaluation management, PO follow-up, lab reports, supplier accounts, human resource management, workflow documents, IP address management, billing management, insurance claim follow-up, facilities management, etc.


Thanks to its authorized partner certification, Nexio has priority access to information on CreateNow future developments.

Counsel and planning Projects Technical Support
  • Coaching and needs assesment (Business Case)
  • Solution architecture
  • Monitoring
  • Identification of user profiles and related access
  • Design and architecture of the process and the data
  • Technical support (Helpdesk 24/7)
  • Roll-out planning (roadmap)
  • Configuration and parametrization
  • Updates and evolution of processes and services


  • Definition of the processes
  • Training


  • Change management


Why shift to CreateNow with Nexio?

  • To enjoy a customized solution. In a few steps, all the organization’s needs, data input and interface model are identified.  Afterwards, the automation and notification processes are selected.  All that is left is testing of the application prior to going live.
  • For the flexibility offered by CreateNow. Nexio takes care of the roll-out of your application on tablets and mobiles.
  • For the speed and reliability of the tool. Development is done by means of a unique, solid and secure data management system.
  • Because Nexio masters the stringent methodology specific to CreateNow. The various applications are classified and regrouped on a single platform.  Management reports and dashboards for the applications are made available. CreateNow thus ensures reliable tracking of operations conducted with the applications and a precise vision of their results with the help of performance indicators.


Development of a service catalog, function upgrade and approval workflow definition for applications improvement requests.
Development of a visitor registry on iPad and an alert process for the persons being visited.