Design and Architecture


Nexio delivers comprehensive services to help organizations integrate IT infrastructure with business objectives. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate process efficiency and control.

Our unique processes help reduce costs, risks and business agility. We assist companies in examining operational flows and risk factors to deliver an IT architecture that is robust, functional and resilient. Our service offering includes:
Gap Analysis – Nexio will conduct a thorough gap analysis of the current systems environment and deliver recommendations to ensure compatibility with current business operations.

  • IT REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION – Development of IT requirements that blend business and technologies needed to support mission-critical business operations. These requirements will be ultimately translated into system requirements.
  • IT SYSTEM MODELING – Prototyping of the established infrastructure and the delivery environment.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SYSTEM DESIGN – Integration of business processes with applications and data across platforms and technologies. Nexio has particular experience with complex environments and providing interoperability assurance.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT – Design of data conversion, mapping and interface plans and data quality audits. Design of data reporting processes and procedures and design of data storage plans.