Microsoft Technologies

Nexio’s Microsoft Center of excellence can help your enterprise to consolidate, simplify the management of and update your IT environment to ensure you draw maximum value from your technology investment.

Many initiatives aiming at the optimization or the automation of solutions have enabled Nexio’s customers to save lots of money in short periods of time.


Nexio can help you maximize the effectiveness of your resources so you can build or maintain technologies that support your business goals.

Analysis Technical expertise Maintenance and evolution
  • Strategic planning
  • Process improvement
  • Monitoring
  • IT environment audit
  • Automation
  • Technical support


  • Updates and evolution


Why choose Nexio for your optimization services?

Many extra resources, IT expert profiles and vast spectrum of competencies are Nexio’s privileged assets in the field of infrastructure services

Moreover, in the field of process management, Nexio holds a real asset as the only ServiceNow authorized partner in Quebec.


Because of its partnership with ServiceNow as well as its certified experts, Nexio offers you the best ITSM solution on the market according to Gartner.


Moreover, in the field of IT optimization, Nexio completes its offer with its mastery of Microsoft solutions.