Audit & Continuous Improvement Services


Audit management services are designed to ensure continuous improvement over the life of your IT operations. Therefore, iterative process improvements must be effectively integrated into your IT operations to ensure that policy, process and procedures are being followed and meeting the needs of the business. Whether to formally assess your current practices with a recognized standard (ISO 20000, ISO 17799, SOX or COBIT) or to ensure conformity to internally documented practices, Nexio's audit and continuous improvement services can help you quickly identify your organization’s level of conformity with defined standards.


Our audit management and continuous improvement services help drive your organization to higher levels of IT compliance maturity.

When everything you have tried to improve service quality has not generated the expected outcomes, Nexio’s continuous improvement solution needs to be called upon. Once the processes are normalized (level 3 of maturity), the organization can start optimizing processes so that they produce detect-free outputs. Attaining a higher maturity level is done over time, in a continuous improvement methodology. Nexio’s solution is based on the rigorous Six Sigma methodology, and having successfully adapted this internationally acclaimed methodology to the IT reality, Nexio can help you in attaining the unattainable at an affordable cost. The Sigma value indicates how well a process is performing; therefore measuring the capability of the process to perform defect-free products, services and transactions.

Nexio’s Transition Management expertise includes consolidation activities design such as identifying continuous improvement mechanisms to institutionalize the changes. Nexio is dedicated to your organization’s long term success. Our services emphasize knowledge transfer to help increase your organization’s capacity to manage change efficiently.

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