Managed services

With Nexio’s maintenance and application evolution, maximize the security, reliability and value of your IT investments, while serenely focusing on your main activities.
Current maintenance of the computer pool (hardware, software, applications) and overhaul and development projects must, in fact, be an integral part of your business plan as the grey matter of your organization is totally dependent on the proper functioning and efficient management of your IT environment.

In 2015, Nexio has set a partnership with Bomgar to offer a new remote and secured IT support service.


Applications monitoring

Lacking internal capacity to manage your IT applications with regards to planning, follow-up, development and reporting?  Nexio’s tailor-made application monitoring solution is designed to meet this requirement.  The resources rigorously plan maintenance steps and fully integrate them to your business processes, whether it is for part or all of your applications.


Some events can be planned but you must also be ready to face unforeseen situations (key IT team member absence, data loss, employee departure, etc.) That is why Nexio has a full team of experts at your disposal (.Net, Java, SitecoreSharepoint, legacy systems and others on demand) and offers a professional support solution 24/7 so you can pursue your own activities worry free.

Evolutive and preventive maintenance

Nexio’s developers ensure the evolution of your IT infrastructure and applications so they remain as profitable as possible for your organization as a whole and so they meet the needs of each user as adequately as you wish.  Whether it is for consulting services, new functionality development or existing element evolution, Nexio keeps your organization’s performance at its top.

By trusting Nexio with the preventive maintenance of your IT environment, you obtain proactive support.  Possible problems are detected before they happen and can be resolved prior to unplanned expensive failures.

Why asking NEXIO for managed services?

  • To free your resources: Outsourcing maintenance or application services enables you to refocus your energies to your own main strategic activities.
  • To have access to over 50 experts and save money: Thanks to Nexio, you don’t need to hire full-time specialized resources.  We give you access, on demand and according to your needs (planned or unplanned), to many seasoned resources with specific expertise (.Net, Java, Sitecore, Sharepoint and others on demand).
  • To benefit from a highly efficient 24/7 service: At Nexio, many experts with various (architecture, front-end and back-end development, content management systems (CMS), business intelligence (BI), database) and tailor-made competencies are always at your disposal to safely solve your technical problems or enhance the evolution of your application pool.
  • To profit from personalized management: Nexio, it’s an outreach team dedicated to you with the objective of getting to know you. It’s the guarantee of personalized adjustments and quick follow-up, even in the case of unplanned events.