Legacy support


Nexio has been able to build and maintain a multidisciplinary team with unrivaled expertise with solutions or computer languages losing popularity on the market: Cobol, Access, Notes, AS / 400, RedDot, SQL 6, etc.

  • Does your organization have lost its key resources who held the knowledge to manage your systems?
  • Are you facing a labor shortage and can not meet the needs to maintain and manage the complexity of your technology environment?
  • Would you like to change your legacy systems without losing your data and your assets?

Nexio's tailor made offer with legacy support

Support and maintenance

Nexio allows you to increase productivity by giving you access to its expert pool of resources in PHP, ASP, Cobol, Access, Notes, Red dot, Oracle, AS / 400 and many others. You can quickly access them within our different modes of delivery, either on contract basis or on demand. You can also benefit from our 24/7 call center that handles all support requests for your legacy systems. This will reduce the risk related to technological components for which you are losing control.

Migration and application modernization

Our experience in development and IT migration responds to changing business needs. The various migration we've put together always provide our customers with uninterrupted access to their data during transfer. If you are thinking to turn to emerging solutions, our mastery of Sitecore, ServiceNow or the CreateNow platform will meet your innovation and application modernization needs. 

Our offer at a glance

Support Maintenance Evolution/migration
  • Technical support
  • Management      
  • Consulting services
  • Call center 24/7
  • Monitoring
  • New functionalities
  •  Large range of mastered
  • Planning
  • Transition to new
    solutions (CreateNow expertise)


RedDot support (Opentext)

Since 2006, management of 45 RedDot applications (OpenText), .NET, ASP and Sharepoint for a large company of pulp and paper.

Cobol support and optimization

For more than 10 years, technical support, development of new features and changes in systems based on COBOL for a US government agency.

Support and optimization of an in-house application

Consulting services, maintenance and optimization of an obsolete Visual Basic application whose history and knowledge of the development were held by a single resource, in a wholesale company of seafood. Development of new features, 24/7 support service of 2nd and 3rd level.

CreateNow migration (application modernization)

For a large Canadian dairy cooperative, development of a service catalog, adding features, and defining a workflow for requests for improvements in applications.

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