Strategic consulting


Nexio has build a Strategic Consulting team to enable its clients to make the most of their IT environment.

The optimization of your IT is essential to the success, performance and quality of your IT services. Your enterprise must ensure:

  • the upkeep of a sustained technological watch;
  • the constant sharing of key knowledge;
  • the profitable integration of tools to its overall IT;
  • the evolution of its technical portfolio in order to take advantage of new technologies.


Nexio’s senior strategic consultants work in close collaboration with your enterprise’s top management in order to offer you optimization opportunities and IT action plans that are well fitted to your vision, your needs and business priorities, your success factors and your performance indicators.

Planning Analysis  Change management Projects
  • Strategic planning
  • Identification of improvement opportunities and evolution strategies
  • Project management office (PMO)
  • Maintenance and application evolution
  • Technoligical transition planning
  • Maturity and compliance analysis of your IT processes
  • Strategic management
  • Infrastructure
  • Business case
  • Organizational architecture
  • Application development 



  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Process and IT services management



  • Management support


Why should you choose Nexio for IT strategic consulting?

  • A customized approach: Nexio puts its senior strategic consulting experts. This Center of excellence helps you optimize your IT investment by using your existing portfolio of applications and technologies at a maximum and also ensuring their sustainability and their evolution.   
  • A vast technical expertise to support your IT environment and your projects: SaaS, Cloud, governance, ServiceNow, ITIL.
  • A team of experts at your disposal: Nexio is the choice extension of your IT resources.  You have access, on demand and according to your needs, to consultants and experienced as well as qualified teams who meet your governance requirements within prescribed timeframes.